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a revolutionary transmission design

for torque loads of 10,000 kNm

Multifunctional CFRP components


The new flexshaft combines the key features of a drive shaft with a coupling – in a single, integrated component. flexshaft torque shafts provide maximum torque strength for high torque transmission, while offering low bending stiffness.

As a result, the shaft takes on flexible coupling properties, balancing misalignments between connected components in the drive train.

This reduces the number of mechanical components in the design such as couplings, universal joints, bearings,and assembly parts – the kinds of parts that are prone to wear and often require a lot of maintenance.

The unique flexshaft design allows for torque loads up to 10,000 kNm.

Fit and forget


Our unique composite construction of CFRP and steel is what makes flexshaft torque shafts stand out in terms of function and performance. Conventional torque shafts made exclusively of steel can only match the performance of our torque shafts in more intricate setups, and at much larger weights. What’s more, due to its special material properties, CFRP offers a number of advantages for the construction of transmission components: flexshaft torque shafts are corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free. Also, the relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion of CFRP in comparison to steel guarantees stable running characteristics, even at varying temperatures under a variety of operating conditions.


The innovative, patent-pending design and manufacturing concept behind these unique torque shafts means that our flexshafts can be customised to meet a variety of demands in terms of dynamic load, drive and installation conditions.

As a result, the geometric design, as well as the laminate are optimally designed based on transmittable torque, desired torque strength and the bending stiffness outlined in the requirements specification. In a fully integrated manufacturing process, the entire shaft – including load transfer elements and attachment flanges – is completed in a single manufacturing step, prior to the final cure of the carbon fibre laminate.

This eliminates the need for bonded joints or bolted connections, ensuring a safe load transfer and enhanced manufacturing consistency.

Features and benefits at a glance

larger spans

thanks to higher specific stiffness


low upfront investment

due to reduced design complexities and simplified layouts


less effort in assembly

through avoidance of further mechanical components


significantly reduced weight

for faster, simplified handling


outstanding damping

for low noise and low vibration operation


wear- and maintenance-free

over the complete service life thanks to corrosion resistance and bearing-reduced design


high operational reliability

on account of a fully integrated in situ manufacturing process and significantly improved fatigue strength


low energy consumption

due to low inertia torque


Application areas

Ship propulsion

Wind power turbines

Hydroelectric power stations

Construction machinery

For more information call: Tel. +49 7159 806-500 oder mail us on

Application areas:


Ship propulsion

Wind power turbines

Hydroelectric power stations

Construction machinery

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