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Advanced Composites in Wind Energy


Torque Shaft "flexshaft 5.0" wins Innovation Award at JEC Europe

The flexshaft 5.0 torque shaft, made of fibre-reinforced plastic and developed by Schaefer MWN, has won the 2013 JEC Europe Innovation Award. The award, which is bestowed by JEC Europe, a leading international platform of the fibre-reinforced plastics industry, honours technical innovations that drive the use and further development of fibre-reinforced plastics in industrial applications. This applies in particular to applications with strong market potential. The flexshaft 5.0 is a multifunctional, highly robust flexible drive shaft that has been designed for use in a new 3.6 MW offshore wind turbine. It won first prize in the Wind Energy category. The award ceremony was held in Paris in March 2013 as part of the JEC Europe Composites Show and Conferences, the world’s largest trade fair for composites. “We are delighted with the jury’s decision. The innovative design of our torque shaft will no doubt be very advantageous for wind farm manufacturers and operators with respect to operational reliability and profitability,” states Carsten Sohl, Head of Technology & Development at Schaefer MWN, accepting the award on behalf of the company.

Award giving show at JEC Europe Innovation Award 2013.

left to right: Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wetzel (IVW), Marcel Bücker (IVW), Thomas Pfaff (IVW), Carsten Sohl (Schäfer MWN), Dr.-Ing. Michael Magin (IVW), Adrian Stoll (Schäfer MWN), Andreas Walz (Schäfer MWN)


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