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The best of both worlds


The new hybriCor roll design takes advantage of the combined properties of steel and carbon fibre for the design of high-speed rolls.

As a result, the runability and performance can be optimised to match a specific position.The core of a hybriCor roll is made of a stiff, lightweight CFRP tube produced in a fully integrated manufacturing process. The entire tube including journal connection is completed in a single manufacturing step before the final CFRP cure. This eliminates the need for bonded joints or bolted connections, ensuring a durable load transfer, high safety and enhanced manufacturing consistency.

The hybriCor shell is made of steel or stainless steel, which can be provided with delicate surface structures and patterns optimised for a specific installation position of the roll. In this way, the hybriCor concept brings together the unique properties of carbon fibre and steel in one.

A new hybrid design for high-speed rolls

Features and benefits at a glance

significantly reduced weight

compared to rolls made of steel


high energy efficiency

through reduced drive power


low upfront investment

due to use of smaller drives, bearings and journals


reduced maintenance costs

due to less wear and extended service life of mechanical components


easy handling

during installation and servicing


thermal stability

due to unique material combination


fast startup

due to reduced run-in period


wider web width and higher machine speeds

at same diameters


high operational reliability

thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process

For more information call: Tel. +49 7159 806-500 oder mail us on

Application areas


Drive rolls

Transport rolls

Grooved rolls

Paper/felt guide rolls

Wire guide rolls


Download brochure

(PDF 2.5 MB)

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