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Flawless felts and wires


are essential for a fault-free paper machine operation and consistent paper quality. However, the regular machine clothing change can be complex and time-consuming. Any aid that simplifies the change procedure contributes to increasing the machine availability. With : flyCor felt and wire support poles made of carbon fibre, changing endless paper machine clothing can be done on the fly - that saves time and money.


: flyCor felt and wire support poles made of carbon fibre


are exactly tailored to the practical requirements of the paper machine operators. Due to their design features and their material properties, they are lighter than machine clothing change poles made of aluminium or steel and significantly more robust and longer lasting than conventional carbon fibre support poles. Their problem-free handling makes the machine clothing change easier and faster, even with paper machines that have a very large web width.

Machine clothing change on the fly

Features and benefits at a glance

: light


• hybrid design CFRP / GFRP

• significant weight reduction in comparison to aluminium poles

• easier handling

• manual assembly with low personnel resources

• increased work safety

• lower personnel costs and time spent



: rigid


• high specific stiffness

• minimal deflection

• no plastic deformation (bending) during operation

• sturdy fabric support



: robust


• made of fibre-reinforced plastic

• interior: CFRP tube

• outer layer: GFRP - increased impact strength and media resistance



: durable


• high breaking resistance and tear resistance

• high-quality aluminium components

• no swelling in the end area due to aluminium flaps

• aluminium bushings as storage protection

• easy to clean

• excellent media resistance particularly to cellulose residues



: versatile


• telescopic design

• freely selectable diameter

• length adaptable to machine width up to 12 m

• in telescopic design, length of up to 16 m

• interface connections adaptable to specific fastening devices of the machine frame or

peripherals, as required


For more information call: Tel. +49 7159 806-500 oder mail us on

Application areas


Machine clothing changes in paper production:


Felt support poles

Wire support poles

made of carbon fibre


Download brochure

(PDF 0.7 MB)

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